Red or Green Tour. Which is better?

Red Tour vs Green Tour in Cappadocia: The differences

Last updated on: July 6, 2023

Cappadocia, renowned for its surreal landscapes and rich history, offers two popular tour options: the Red Tour and the Green Tour.

These tours take you on unique journeys through the captivating region, showcasing its natural wonders and cultural treasures.

Both tours are excellent and essential for experiencing Cappadocia. However, if you have limited time and you need to choose one, here are the differences.

Red Tour

The Red Tour, also known as the North Cappadocia Tour, covers the beauty of Cappadocia’s northern region.

Uchisar CastleUchisar Castle

The tour begins by visiting Uchisar Castle, the highest point in Cappadocia. The castle is one of the most popular places in Cappadocia.

Although we do not climb the castle itself, we get close enough to witness its magnificent presence and admire its impressive structure.

Goreme Open Air MuseumGoreme Open Air Museum

Next, you will explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Goreme Open Air Museum, home to well-preserved frescoes dating back to the 5th century.

It’s important to note that not all travel agencies include the Goreme Open Air Museum in their Red Tour. Instead, they replace it with the Zelve Open Air Museum, which is free to visit and helps them reduce costs.

However, we include Goreme Open Air Museum in our Red Tour itinerary. We believe that visiting the Goreme Open Air Museum is an absolute must, as it offers a truly remarkable experience. The differences between these two sites are substantial.

Love ValleyLove Valley

The tour continues with visits to the famous Love Valley, the charming Avanos village for lunch, a pottery workshop, and concludes with Pasabag and Devrent Valley, where you can admire the best-preserved fairy chimneys of the region.

The Red Tour is a must-do, showcasing the iconic symbols of Cappadocia.

Green Tour

The Green Tour, also known as the South Cappadocia Tour, explores the southern part of Cappadocia.

The tour begins with a panoramic view of Goreme village, offering a breathtaking perspective.

Derinkuyu Underground CityDerinkuyu Underground City

The journey then takes you to the renowned Derinkuyu Underground City, one of Cappadocia’s most significant sites.

With its eight levels, it is the deepest underground city in the region.

Ihlara ValleyIhlara Valley

Next, you will explore the vast Ihlara Valley, the largest canyon in Cappadocia. A walk alongside the Melendiz River allows you to immerse yourself in the scenic beauty.

It’s worth mentioning that if you prefer not to participate in the walking portion, you have the option to skip it. In this case, you can wait with our driver and rejoin the group at the end of the walking.

Selime MonasterySelime Monastery

The tour includes a lunch break in Belisirma Village, near the Melendiz River, and continues with a visit to the remarkable Selime Monastery, the largest rock-cut cathedral in Cappadocia.

The tour concludes with a return to the center of Cappadocia, offering picturesque views of Pigeon Valley and a visit to an onyx factory.


Timing: Both tours start around 09:30-09:45, but the Red Tour ends around 16:30, while the Green Tour ends around 17:30. The Green Tour has slightly longer travel times due to the distances covered.

Physical difficulty: The Red Tour involves minimal walking, except for exploring the Open Air Museum and Pasabag area.

In contrast, the Green Tour includes a moderate walk in the Ihlara Valley, which can be skipped if desired. The underground city visit involves walking through narrow tunnels but opens up to larger rooms. You can easily exit if needed.


Choosing between the Red Tour and Green Tour depends on your preferences and interests. The Red Tour is suitable for those seeking picturesque landscapes, fairy chimneys, castles, and valleys—the iconic symbols of Cappadocia.

On the other hand, the Green Tour appeals to nature and hiking enthusiasts, providing opportunities to explore the vast Ihlara Valley and the remarkable Derinkuyu Underground City.

Both tours offer insights into Cappadocia’s rich history. Ultimately, selecting one tour over the other allows you to delve deeper into specific aspects of this captivating region. Remember, both tours are necessary to grasp the essence of Cappadocia fully.