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Dishani H
Dishani HJun 2024 • Family
Fantastic stay with masya
Masya is fantastic. The king size treatment, hospitality was top notch. Our guide Anil was also very nice. Food, arrangements superb... We loved it masya.
Written June 13, 2024 • Read on Tripadvisor
СветланаApr 2024 • Couples
Tour to Cappadocia
We are very grateful to Evgenia for organizing our tour from Istanbul to Cappadocia! Everything that was stated by the organizer was provided in full, all transfers arrived at the specified time in excellent condition and with good drivers! I want to say a special thank you for the guides! Not boring, but a fun and very interesting story with a huge number of interesting facts! The groups are not large and we manage to listen to everyone attentively; my husband and I were delighted! Evgenia also organized a “balloon flight” excursion for us and it was all at the highest level! Thank you very much to you and your team! It was unforgettable ❤️❤️❤️
Translated from RussianWritten May 2, 2024 • Read on Tripadvisor
Наталья М
Наталья МMar 2024 • Family
From Istanbul to Cappadocia)
I contacted Evgenia to organize a tour from Istanbul to Cappadocia. Everything was organized perfectly, we were met in Istanbul, transferred to the airport, tickets were booked to Kayseri, there was also a transfer there, a good hotel was booked. Two days of interesting long excursions with lunch. Also transfer back to the airport, tickets and transfer in Istanbul. You just relax and don’t think about anything, we were lucky to fly there in a balloon and the agency also organized everything. Plus we had force majeure at the border and a delay on the way to Istanbul. Thank you very much to Evgenia for your constant communication and support, she rescheduled the transfer for us and checked us in for the flight. In general, Cappadocia is a very interesting region, unusual nature, unusual architecture, I really liked everything, the balloon flight was just wow.
Translated from RussianWritten April 18, 2024 • Read on Tripadvisor
sohaila a
sohaila aFeb 2024 • Couple
Amazing experience
Special thanks to Genghis and his team... Jeep safari trip was fun!! and absolutely worth it. The sceneries were amazing and we love it... Thank you for being nice to us :)
Written February 20, 2024 • Read on Tripadvisor
Jana K
Jana KSep 2023 • Friends
Magical Cappadocia.
An amazing trip to Cappadocia, magical sunsets and sunrises! Many thanks to the organizers, everything was clear and punctual. Also thanks to our guide for the interesting and educational excursions.
Translated from RussianWritten September 24, 2023 • Read on Tripadvisor
E.PSep 2022 • Couples
Tour from Antalya + hot air balloon flight
I want to thank you again for the unforgettable emotions 🥰 Thanks to the guide for the wonderful excursions and the whole team for the excellent organization of the tour from A to Z👌
Translated from RussianWritten July 12, 2023 • Read on Tripadvisor
Oleg A
Oleg AJul 2023 • Family
Wonderful trip to Cappadocia
Good evening, Evgenia. I would like to thank you for the services rendered to us. I have not seen such accurate, well-coordinated and attentive work to clients for a long time. Thank you very much! Everything is organized at the highest level. Evgenia was in touch with us all the time of the trip and took care of us at every stage.
Translated from RussianWritten July 5, 2023 • Read on Tripadvisor
Antonio R
Antonio RJun 2023
Amazing tour in Istanbul
We had a great experience with our tour guide in Istanbul. He was knowledgeable and friendly. He made our visit truly memorable. My wife and I enjoyed the tour. Mosques and palaces were amazing. We learned so much. We loved the culture and the history. We will definitely recommend to our friends.
Written June 22, 2023 • Read on Tripadvisor
NASELA EJun 2023 • Couples
Very professional, great service and guide
We booked green and red tour. Everything was great. Right on time from our hotel. Both tours are well planned. Cappadocia is huge. We have seen so many places. Underground city is very impressive. Cappadocia is beautiful. Tours are not rushed at all, always enough time to see around. Our guide was very polite and helpful. We appreciate the hospitality.
Written June 14, 2023 • Read on Tripadvisor
DuduMay 2023 • Couples
Balloon tour
We preferred the balloon tour with my spouse. It was one of the best experiences in my life. We enjoyed it very much. I would say do not just come and return from Cappadocia without doing a balloon tour. Everyone should have this experience. We are very satisfied, we recommend. Thanks ❤️
Translated from TurkishWritten June 10, 2023 • Read on Tripadvisor
H90AdvantureJun 2023 • Friends
A Great Experience
You should definitely try the ATV tour. A must do activity in Cappadocia. Special thanks to our guide for his interest and explanations. It was a very enjoyable tour. We recommend.
Translated from TurkishWritten June 5, 2023 • Read on Tripadvisor
Arda D
Arda DApr 2023 • Friends
Cappadocia atv tour
Thanks for the ATV tour. The sunset was very enjoyable for 2 hours. We had a great time in the valleys of Goreme. I can even say that we enjoyed it more than expensive activities. Our guide was very knowledgeable. He safely drove us around the area. Thanks again.
Translated from TurkishWritten May 11, 2023 • Read on Tripadvisor
Aleksey M
Aleksey MNov 2022
Great weekend!
I would like to say a big thank you to Evgenia for the excellent organization. The tour itself was in one breath, very interesting and exciting. It is a pity that due to the weather it was not possible to fly on balloons, but we will definitely return to close this gestalt! And of course only through you!
Translated from RussianWritten November 18, 2022 • Read on Tripadvisor
Peter S
Peter SNov 2022 • Family
Clear and beautiful!
According to the procedural: a clear organization, stocks on time, always in touch. In fact: a great trip, flying on balloons, excursions to the underground city - everything is interesting and beautiful.
Translated from RussianWritten November 5, 2022 • Read on Tripadvisor
Irina S
Irina SSep 2022 • Couples
I Recommend!
Zhenya organized an unforgettable balloon flight in Cappadocia for us. The pilot was confident, kept everything under control, the field was fantastic! Thanks a lot! We also took excursions to the dervishes and the red route!! Thank you and wish you more customers and prosperity!!! Jenya organized to us great and unforgivable fly on the balloon!!! Everything was comfortable and fantastic! Thank you so much! Also, we took “red way” and dervish. We wish you good clients!!
Translated from RussianWritten October 4, 2022 • Read on Tripadvisor
Victoria E
Victoria ESep 2022 • Couples
It’s worth seeing
The price includes transfer from the hotel and back, insurance.
We lived far away, so they took us first, at 4 in the morning.
Upon arrival, you can watch a fascinating basket as the process of preparing balloons for flight takes place. Then you are instructed how to behave during takeoff and landing. After the flight, the ceremony of presenting certificates of flight with a glass of champagne. They also handed over a souvenir bag, in which there was a small snack.
We flew on 09/23/2022. It had rained the day before, for a long time we were in the dark whether the flight would take place due to the weather. I recommend dressing very warmly! At this time of the day it was +9 outside...
This flight is not for those who are afraid of heights. This flight is for those who yearn to enjoy incredible beauty, unforgettable impressions
Translated from RussianWritten October 1, 2022 • Read on Tripadvisor
meryemmJul 2022
ATV tour 👍
We had a very enjoyable ATV tour. 1 hour is definitely not enough. You should try it for 2 hours at sunset. Thanks again to everyone for your interest. See you again in the fall.
Translated from TurkishWritten July 19, 2022 • Read on Tripadvisor
Katerina S
Katerina SJul 2022 • Couples
It was great!
I liked everything very much. Organization at the highest level. Right on timing. Excursions are interesting, it was not boring at all! Special thanks to Gökhan for this :) no empty talks, just interesting facts! The food on the tour was good, we did not go hungry. The hotel that Evgenia booked for us was gorgeous! Breakfast with a view of cappadocia, a huge room that has everything you need. For two days of excursions, we saw all the interesting places and flew on a balloon! We found a company on the Internet, Evgenia explained everything in detail, did everything for us, from the transfer from the hotel in Istanbul to the return to the hotel, we only paid. There was no headache, what, how and where, Evgenia painted everything in detail. If there were any questions, we always got answers from them. Thank you very much! I will definitely recommend to my friends☺️
Translated from RussianWritten July 18, 2022 • Read on Tripadvisor
Sergey P
Sergey PJun 2022
Incredible and flawless!
We went as a couple on a two-day tour of Cappadocia. I have never seen a more organized and clear work on solving all issues related to tickets, transfers, selection of flights, instructions for actions in any situation that may occur in an unfamiliar country and city. Evgenia is just a model for everyone who wants to organize travel. Everything is to the point, always in touch, any explanations and explanations, in a word, perfect. All excursions are rich and memorable! A guide named Gekan, this is generally a treasure of Cappadocia, we became friends. I recommend to get acquainted with Cappadocia only with him.
Translated from RussianWritten July 1, 2022 • Read on Tripadvisor
Leo C
Leo CJun 2022
Well Organized
We booked a hot air balloon at the last minute, and they managed to get us seats. We also did tours in Cappadocia which were well arranged. We communicated via Whatsapp effortlessly throughout our trip. Places, food, our guide, and pilot, everything was awesome.
Written June 29, 2022 • Read on Tripadvisor
302phfJun 2022 • Couples
Amazing Cappadocia & Pamukkale tours
I booked a customized tour. Everything is well planned and support is always readily available, thanks to our guide, Ahmet.

Trustworthy, reliable and efficient tour company and tour guide, Ahmet. Very enjoyable trip. Highly recommended!
Written June 20, 2022 • Read on Tripadvisor
JenyaMay 2022 • Solo
The place is magical, the organization is excellent, the tours are just top.
Evgenia is always in touch, she solved all issues at the speed of light! The place is magical, the organization is excellent, the tours are just top.
Guide Gyokan knows history amazingly, excellent Russian and impeccable English! so much well-written information useful, so many beautiful places I have never seen! Balloon flying is something everyone should experience at least once in their life! Cappadocia is perhaps the best place on earth for such an experience!
Translated from RussianWritten June 4, 2022 • Read on Tripadvisor
AlexandraJun 2022 • Friends
Magic trip to Cappadocia
We went with friends on a tour to Cappadocia from Istanbul. The trip was well organised. Special thanks to Evgenia for detailed instructions at each stage. Private transfer to / from the airport in Istanbul, meeting at the airport in Kayseri, an excellent rich tour and a pleasant guide in Cappadocia itself. All wishes are individually taken into account!
We met summer on a big tangerine-colored balloon! A sea of positive emotions and amazing photos! Recommended!
Translated from RussianWritten June 3, 2022 • Read on Tripadvisor
Julia V
Julia VMay 2022 • Solo
Comfortable travel!
Very clear and pleasant organization, everything is comfortably organized, all wishes were taken into account, good service and individual approach
Translated from RussianWritten May 10, 2022 • Read on Tripadvisor
Alexander W
Alexander WOct 2021 • Friends
Excellent balloon flight
We had a great experience in Cappadocia. Everything went just as expected. The pilot was excellent. One hour flight was very enjoyable. Thank you so much! I recommend it.
Written March 10, 2022 • Read on Tripadvisor