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Victoria E
Victoria ESep 2022 • Couples
It’s worth seeing
The price includes transfer from the hotel and back, insurance.
We lived far away, so they took us first, at 4 in the morning.
Upon arrival, you can watch a fascinating basket as the process of preparing balloons for flight takes place. Then you are instructed how to behave during takeoff and landing. After the flight, the ceremony of presenting certificates of flight with a glass of champagne. They also handed over a souvenir bag, in which there was a small snack.
We flew on 09/23/2022. It had rained the day before, for a long time we were in the dark whether the flight would take place due to the weather. I recommend dressing very warmly! At this time of the day it was +9 outside...
This flight is not for those who are afraid of heights. This flight is for those who yearn to enjoy incredible beauty, unforgettable impressions
Translated from RussianWritten October 1, 2022 • Read on Tripadvisor